Our Walls DO Talk!

The Breadline's main building was built in 1906 and saw the very first New Year's Eve dance before the town was even incorporated. It sat as an anchor for downtown until it was (literally) dragged a full block west to make room for a new post office. We then became Omak Beverages, bottlers of fine soda pop, in 1946. The original blueprints are on display on the way to our kitchen!

So... like anything over a hundred years old, we've been a bit of everything! Our building through the years has been referred to as "The White Elephant", and housed an Assay Service, Land Lease Office, Pentz Furniture, and Rutherford's Beer Distribution. The Breadline Cafe began in 1981 and has been having fun since the day we opened!

Live music ripples through the history of the Cafe. We have a stage nestled against our bar that has seen fantastic entertainers. We often sigh with happiness remembering how hot the licks were coming off Slim's guitar. 

Ahh.. who remembers Duffy blocking off the street in front of the cafe for a wild improptu street dance? Oh yeah...

Here's a list of some of those that have graced our little oasis:

Aaron Richner and the Blues Drivers
Acoustic Mayhem
Adrian Xavier and Mighty Lions
Al and Emily Cantrell
Albion Band
Alexie Sherman
Alice Di Micele
Alice Stuart
Alisa Fineman
All That Djazz
Artis "The Spoon Man"
Avey Brothers
Baby Gramps
Back Porch Stomp with Nick Vigarino
Bakra Bata
Ben Davies
Big Brother Music
Bill Davie
Black and White
Black Jack, Two Bulls and Ron Gun
Boogie J.R.
Boogie J.R.
Brooks Williams
Bryan Bowers
Campbell Road
Caribbean All Star Steel Drum Band
Carl Rosen
Carl Smith
Carmin and the Playboys
Carolyn Cruso
Charlie Musselwhite
Chris Proctor
Chuck Dunlap
Cici Dawn
Dallett, Nick
Dan Connolly
Dan Page Trip
Dana Lyons and Lone Wolf Circles
Dave Guthrie
Dave McClure
Dave Stewart
Dave Van Ronk
Dean Stevens
Dehlia Severson
Dev Singh
Dominic Gaudious
Dorian Michael
Drivin' Rain blues trio
Drivin' Wheel (with Tom "T--Boy" Neal)
Duffy Bishop and the Rhythm Dogs
DX Biscuit
Eagle Park Slim
Edmonds, Dayton
Emele Clothier
Eric E
Faith Petric
Fat James
Fat James
Flying Karamazov Brothers
Ghost Trout
Girls Who Wear Glasses
Greg Brown
Harpdog Brown and the Bloodhounds
Heidi Muller
Hick Chicks Bluegrass
Honey and the Killerbeez
Inis Free
James Armstrong
James Hersch
Janis Carper
Jazz Idiom
Jazz Operation
Jeff Gee
Jeff Herzog
Jeff Jaison
Jeff Knoch
Jerry Rau
Jessie Hawk Oakenstar
Jim Basnight Band,
Jim Boyd
Jim Page
John "Jay" Kulm
Jonathan Kingham
Jones and Jools
Joseph Fire Crow
Jude Bowerman
Junior Cadillac
Karen and Gil
Kathy Hart and The Bluestars
Ken Rainbow Cougar Edwards
Kim Wilson
King Biscuit Blues Band
Knowbody Knew
Kristin Connell
Kyler England
Lady Bianca
LaFever, Lulu
Langille, Laurette
Larry Murante
Led Jaxson Band
Legendary Blues Band
Lewis, Laurie
Lil' Brian & The Zydeco Travelers
Li'l Hummer Band
Little Bill and the Blue Notes
Little Charlie and the Nightcats
Little Hand
Lloyd Jones Struggle
Loose Ties
Lota Duarte
Lulu Lafever
Lundstrom, Mike
Lyons, Dana
Maher, Dan
Mannino, Paul (Little Hand)
Mannino, Weeks, Scott
Martin, Casey
May, Tom
Meghan Colleen and The Wild Colonial Boys
Michael Carlos Band
Michael Charles
Michael Dickes
Michael Tracey and the Hi-Tones
Mike Freeman
Mike Murphy
Moment's Notice with Nancy Zahn
Mood Swings
Mose Allison Jazz Trio
Neal Woodall
Olsen Show, Billy
Pat Coast & Out of the Blue
Patrick Surface
Paul deLay Band
Pennou Skoulm
Peter Ostroushko
Phantoms of Soul
Planet Lounge Orchestra
Planetary Refugees
Pop Wagner
Prof. Eddie Shaw
Ranch Romance
Reed, Earl David
Reggie Miles
Reilly and Malony
Reverend Chumleigh
Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys
Rockin' Jake
Rod McDonald
Ron and Judy Hyde
Ron Pearson
Rubina Carmona
Rusty Bonser
Sandy Bradley
Scott Cossu
Shannon Preston
Sid Hausman
Simon Widdowson
Small Potatoes
Snakeboy Johnson Band
Steve Lalor
Strangers With Candy
Studebaker John & The Hawks
Sundogs, Robb, Terry
Suzanna - a Greek evening
Swamp Mama Johnson
T. Lewis
Tania Opland
Terry Hunt
Terry Robb
The Bone Daddys
The Brooke Lee Catastrophe
The Greers
The Paperboys
The Raveling Toad Show
The Vaughn Jensen Band
The Wicks
Tim "Too Slim" Langford
Tim Ryan
Tom Noddy "The Bubble Man"
Too Slim & The Taildraggers
Tres Lobos
True Blue from Chelan
Two Guys Playing Bluegrass
Utah Phillips
Wailer, Jade
Wendy DeWitt
William Clarke
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
Working Spliffs
Yasmiea and Her Belly Dancers
Yo and de Cats
Zac Harmon, Chicago Blues